A Man’s Torn Heart: The Loss of an Angel to Breast Cancer

An estimated 40,970 women will die from breast cancer in 2006 – one death every thirteen minutes, according to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

But how many broken hearts lie in the aftermath? There are no statistics for that story.

Alan Lobdell is a man whose heart was broken after the death of his beautiful wife, Maxine who, after just two short years of marriage discovered a lump in her breast. Three years later, she was gone.

Lobdell’s heartfelt account of how he met Maxine, of when he first felt the deadly lump in her breast, to the final moments of their lives together is both painful and powerful to read. It is meant to shed light on the other victims of breast cancer: the powerless, grieving husband.

Written for anyone who is touched by this killer disease, A Man’s Torn Heart is a powerful story of love and commitment as well as a guide for women to help their male partner through one of life’s most trying times. Travel with Alan through the pain of loss, listen to his wisdom, heed his advice, and the road to recovery will commence.

About the Author: Alan E. Lobdell was born in Aberdeen, Washington to Robert and Rhoda Lobdell. After high school Alan worked for some time and then joined the Marine Corps in 1971. He began his studies in civil engineering at Yakima Valley Junior College after the Marine Corps and married for the first time in 1974. Alan became a professional civil engineer in 1997.

Alan met Maxine on January 1, 1998. For him it was love at first sight. He and Maxine were married on May 24, 1998. Alan believed that he had married the perfect woman and still believes that to this day.

During his marriage to Maxine, she encouraged him to continue his education and complete his degree in management along with his MBA and MPA. Unfortunately, Maxine died four months before Alan completed his second Masters, which took the joy of completion out of it for him. Alan was not even able to attend his graduation due to his grief. Today he is just getting by the best he can while missing Maxine.

Alan has three sons, Scott, Christopher, and Bryan from his first marriage and a beautiful stepdaughter, Aolani, of whom he is thankful that she is so much like her mother.

For more information on the book A Man’s Torn Heart: The Loss of an Angel to Breast Cancer, please e-mail alvanos@juno.com or call 206-372-8652.

BOOK TITLE: A Man’s Torn Heart: The Loss of an Angel to Breast Cancer
BOOK INFO: (Hardcover ISBN: 1-59849-024-9 $30.00)
AVAILABILITY: Available from www.amanstornheartbook.com

Download complete information in PDF here:


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