Diabetes Living: The Will to be Well

More than 20 million people in the United States suffer from some type of diabetes. This disease can strike both the young and old. Once a person has been diagnosed with diabetes, they face a life-long challenge that will affect their diet as well as their everyday lifestyle.

That’s why author Christina A. Staccia, MA, CRC reveals her challenges with diabetes and how she overcame them in her new book Diabetes Living: The Will to be Well. Staccia is one of the longest-living infantile onset diabetics. In her book, she reveals how she successfully reversed the complications of diabetes.

“Readers of my book will learn how childhood lifestyle practices helped me to delay and reverse complications while medicine was advancing. The continuation of these methods with modern medicine keeps me healthy,” states Staccia.

While the world awaits a cure for diabetes, diabetics have limited choices in how they can cope with and treat the disease. With younger patients, the parents often face as many or more challenges than the child. Caregivers of elderly diabetics also have many concerns about how they can safely help with treatment. With Staccia’s book, diabetic patients and their caregivers can overcome these challenges and make choices based on the experiences of a near 50-year survivor.

Staccia provides a wealth of helpful information about diabetes and how she learned to cope with it. With a little humor and much care, she provides many practical methods that diabetics can apply to their day-to-day lives to help them control and cope with diabetes.

“It’s not only the disease itself one must consider, but the possibility of other major health conditions such as blindness, kidney disease, or nerve disease. For diabetics to overcome the disease and its complications, they must first be equipped with the ‘Will to be Well,'” says Staccia.

Studies show that for well-controlled patients, the risk of diabetic eye disease decreases by 76 percent; kidney disease risks are decreased by 54 percent, and the risk of nerve disease by 60 percent. With these astounding numbers, there appears to be much hope for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Staccia shares how she was able to attain tight control and benefit from these reduced risks.

In Diabetes Living, readers can learn from one who has already been through the challenges, heartaches and lifestyle adjustments that diabetes brings. The author’s goal is to help other diabetics avoid unnecessary complications and improve their well-being for the future.

About the Author

Christina A. Staccia, MA, CRC is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor who has lived with diabetes for nearly 50 years.

More information about the book and author can be found at her website: http://www.A2ZDiabetesResourceCenter.com

For a review copy or interview, please contact Christina Staccia by phone at (614) 262-4441 or by email at office@a2zcareers.org.


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