What are you thankful for?

December 24, 2006

As we are in this holiday season and looking forward to the coming year, we know it is important to pause and think about the good year, as our thoughts do create the actions that give us more to be thankful for.

Like Napoleon Hill and Ted Ciuba teach in The New Think and Grow Rich, your thoughts are very powerful stuff.


As you start to think about the family, friends and good fortune of your life, remember to share that which has helped you come this far in life.

The rising tide will lift all boats.

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Nutrition for Life

December 20, 2006

For the first time in paperback!

The no-fad, no-nonsense approach to eating well and reaching your healthy weight

by Lisa Hark, PhD, RD and Darwin Deen, MD

Healthy eating throughout your life is recognized as the foundation for optimal health. However, understanding what to eat and separating food and nutrition facts from fads can be confusing. With an overwhelming amount of nutritional information written every year, much of it contradictory, the question remains – what would a skilled nutritionist or medical doctor recommend?

NUTRITION FOR LIFE: The no-fad, no-nonsense approach to eating well and reaching your healthy weight is now available in paperback making it even more accessible to every family and classroom. NUTRITION FOR LIFE is the definitive guide to nutrition that combines the views of a top nutritionist and a family doctor into one concise volume. “The information in this book is a powerful prescription for health,” say authors, Lisa Hark, PhD, RD and Darwin Deen, MD. “In essence, your diet and lifestyle define your destiny and are your best hope for staying healthy through every stage of life.”

In NUTRITION FOR LIFE, readers will learn:
* How to assess your dietary and lifestyle habits through interactive questionnaires that identify key areas for change,

* Why the body needs food – the essential building blocks of life,

* The elements of a healthy diet and how to incorporate all of the food groups,

* How to eat through all the stages of your life, whether you are feeding yourself, when you are pregnant, as your children grow, or your elderly parents,

* The truth about weight control and an honest and accurate assessment of 45 of the most popular diet books and programs,

* The role of food as medicine in the prevention and treatment of disease,

* How to become a smart shopper and prepare healthy foods,

* What’s in our food through an analysis of the nutrients contained in over 500 foods.

Complete with profiles of real patients’ nutritional problems and prescribed solutions, recipes, sample menus, dozens of full color photographs and useful charts, NUTRITION FOR LIFE is written by Dr. Lisa Hark, Director of the Nutrition Education and Prevention Program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Dr. Darwin Deen, Professor of Family Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York (both of whom have extensive experience teaching doctors and patients about nutrition). NUTRITION FOR LIFE is based on one solid, simple premise: Good nutrition leads to good health.

Drs. Lisa Hark and Darwin Deen are available for in-person interviews in the New York and Philadelphia areas and by telephone nationwide. To schedule an interview, contact Beth Shepard at Beth@BethShepard.com

For more about NUTRITION FOR LIFE, visit: http://www.lisahark.com/nutritionforlifebooks/index.shtml

About the Authors:

Lisa Hark PhD, RD is a renowned medical nutritionist with over 20 years experience in nutrition counseling and promoting the benefits of healthy eating in children and adults. As Director of the Nutrition Education and Prevention Program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia, she is a leading nutrition educator for medical students and doctors. Her textbook Medical Nutrition and Disease is used in many medical schools in the US and around the world. She was the host of season one of Discovery TLC’s “Honey We’re Killing the Kids.” As a working mother, she has first-hand knowledge of how to combine a busy lifestyle with ensuring a healthy diet for her family.

Darwin Deen MD is a family doctor and an award-winning nutrition educator. He is Professor of Family Medicine and Director of Medical Student Education at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where he teaches medical students and doctors in training how to help their patients improve their diets and make lasting changes to their lifestyle. Dr. Deen has practiced and taught Family Medicine in New York for over 30 years.

NUTRITION FOR LIFE The no-fad, no-nonsense approach to eating well and reaching your healthy weight by Lisa Hark, PhD, RD and Darwin Deen, MD

(January 2007; DK Publishing) $16.95, paperback, 336 pages, ISBN: 978-0-7566-2623-5

Imagine one book that has been cited…

December 12, 2006

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Do you know the title?

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The book is “Think and Grow Rich.”

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“The NEW Think and Grow Rich” is a complete rewrite of the original, updated with information that has been discovered to help infuse the “Think Rich” mindset that will allow you to reach any goal you desire.

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