The Natural Way to Better Health

February 27, 2007

Unlock the Secrets to Everyday Foods That Can

Make You Smarter, Healthier, Less Stressed &

More Attractive!

CARLSBAD, CA, February 2007 – At last, a comprehensive guide to nutrition that is actually fun to read! Get Balanced-The Natural Way to Better Health with Superfoods covers all aspects of personal health and wellness, from Superfoods for brain power to Superfoods for moods and stress. For example, did you know that strawberries can make you smarter? Or that red grapefruit can significantly lower LDL cholesterol? Or that black beans can help you cope with a high stress lifestyle? Or that cabbage juice can heal ulcers? The foods you eat can greatly affect your health. Get Balanced reveals these truths and shows the reader how to implement a better diet into daily life through quick, easy to read chapters packed with information, tips and recipes. Get Balanced is divided into nine chapters that explain which Superfoods to eat to for:

·  Brainpower

·  Moods and Stress

·  Digestion and Elimination

·  Weight Management and Metabolism

·  Ligaments, Joints and Bones

·   Skin, Hair, and Nails

·  Internal Cleansing

·  Heart Health

·  Immune System

Author Jan Lovejoy, a certified nutritionist, provides the first step toward a healthy lifestyle change by providing information on “Superfoods,” the everyday foods that can help improve your life. Get Balanced: The Natural Way to Better Health With Superfoods is the result of years of research, interviews and educating audiences worldwide on the subject of healthy aging. This highly-acclaimed book divulges critical information on why Superfoods are important, explains how they work, where to get them, how much to eat and some simple recipes and tips for preparation, including scientific facts and a technical glossary.

Dr. Dan Tripodi, Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Delaware commented, “I guarantee that you will not find a more compact nutritional reference guide on Superfoods.” Dr. Tripodi added, “This book will be used not only in meal planning but to understand better what enters our bodies. This book will help us all in understanding how to better adjust our eating habits leading to an overall healthy lifestyle.”

Get Balanced: The Natural Way to Better Health with Superfoods is available online at and

About Jan Lovejoy

Passionate about nutrition, Jan Lovejoy travels far and wide educating audiences on the subject of healthy aging. Jan is a certified nutritionist, herbalist and cosmetologist, and in her first book she combines these many areas of expertise to offer the reader an easy-to-follow guide to healthier eating and living. Founder of SGN Nutrition, Jan is also the formulator of Emerald Balance and X Balance, popular Superfood nutritional drinks. A healthy and vibrant grandmother, she currently lives, works and thrives in San Diego, California.

About SGN Nutrition, LLC.

SGN Nutrition, LLC, based in Carlsbad, CA, is a manufacturer of Superfood-based supplements, including the brands Emerald Balance and X Balance. The company’s passion is to keep people healthy through the scientifically researched power of Superfoods. For more information, visit

Media Contact: Nancy Ferguson (760-803-6248/ for more information, interview requests, or photography requests. Preview Copies of Get Balanced available to the media upon request.


Holland’s New Book Unlocks the Most Powerful Force in the Universe

February 14, 2007

Discover Who You Are and Who You Can Become…
through the Power of Your Soul!

Are you tired of searching for your true purpose?
Do you feel trapped, constrained, or unfulfilled?
Is there a voice that’s calling you to do more with your life?

Internationally renowned psychic medium John Holland says
that you can get all the answers you’re looking for–by
tapping in to one of the most powerful forces in the Universe–
your soul! And he’ll show you how in his new book, Power of
the Soul: Inside Wisdom for the Outside World.

You’ve seen the explosion in spirituality, psychic phenomena,
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you are seeking meaningful answers to some of life’s most
challenging questions. Let John Holland’s Power of the Soul
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Psychic medium John Holland, who spent more than 20 years
developing his abilities, has noticed that individuals from all
walks of life are now sensing a shift deep within themselves.
He believes that somehow we’re getting a message that there
is something more. It’s as if our souls are calling and reaching
out to us.

We are all looking for meaningful answers to life altering
questions like how can I be more in tune with my soul and
tap in to my own intuition? How can I learn to change
situations around me? How can I harness the powers within
me? Step by step, Power of the Soul will guide you to your
soul’s true path to reconnect with your natural spiritual

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In Power of the Soul, John will guide you to develop a
conscious awareness of the spiritual laws that shape your
life. Are you ready to dismantle the barriers, unveil your
true inner-self, and break free from the psychological
restrictions that have prevented you from realizing your full
potential? Power of the Soul is more than just a guide . . .
it’s a way back to living from the inside out.
It will help you (no matter what your walk of life) to follow your
own spiritual journey.

When you read Power of the Soul, you’ll discover a number
of practical techniques and goal-setting exercises that will
awaken the power of your spirit and your soul . . . and lead
to a life of unlimited potential.

Within these pages, you’ll learn how to:

– Discover and access your spiritual faculties
– Open yourself to a guiding higher-consciousness
– Remove psychological and spiritual blocks
– Find your true self through the purpose, nature and
function of the soul
– Create and control your own path
– Use spiritual energy to heal yourself and others
– Enhance your body, mind, and soul to live a life of

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As John says, “Once your spiritual gifts are recognized,
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Discover who you are and who you can become…through
the Power of Your Soul!

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Urgent News for Future Best-Selling Authors

February 8, 2007

Do you want to become a best-selling author with multiple books in print?

Then there’s only one place you should be March 2, 3 and 4th … at my friend Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Book Marketing University.

Mega Book Marketing University 2007
March 2, 3 and 4, 2007
Los Angeles, California

You probably know Mark best as the co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books. But for thousands of published and future authors, publicists, marketers, agents, and publishers … he’s the “go-to” guy for bookmarketing expertise.

Simply put, Mark’s MEGA Book Marketing University is North America’s premier event for authors, speakers and experts who want to sell more books.

If you want to become a published author who makes money with your books, Mega Book Marketing is the place to be. Here’s why:

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Mark is flying in a dozen of these professionals to participate in his unique “Meet-N-Pitch” sessions. If you win one of the coveted seats, you’ll get to pitch your books during private meetings with agents and publishers who specialize in your market.

Other pros will be taking the stage for a live Q&A session — so you get the chance to ask your top questions about book marketing and publishing.

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One reason attendees return to Mega Book Marketing year after year is the amazing faculty of best-selling authors, marketing mavens and publishing pros Mark pulls together for each event.

Mark hand-selects each speaker, so you get a comprehensive education in everything it takes to become a best-selling author. They cover everything from how to get your book proposal noticed … to cutting-edge marketing techniques … to staying sharp mentally and finding the inner strength and persistence to never give up on your dreams.

This year, you’ll learn from ”Chicken Soup” co-founder Jack Canfield … one-of-a-kind
motivational mentor and “A Child Called It” author Dave Pelzer … nationally syndicated columnist and best selling author of millions of books world wide Harvey Mackay… superstar literary agent Jillian Manus … Virtual Book Tour creator Alex Mandossian … visionary Internet marketer Declan Dunn … top book publicity expert Rick Frishman, and others.

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BONUS #1: “How to Get the Most Out of Attending a MEGA Event” by Mark Victor Hansen and Alex Mandossian. This powerful 2-CD set spells out tips, tricks, and tactics for getting the maximum value from every single minute you spend at MEGA Book Marketing University. (A $49 Value)

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Act now for QUANTUM SUCCESS and see the great surprises inside!

February 6, 2007

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