Holland’s New Book Unlocks the Most Powerful Force in the Universe

Discover Who You Are and Who You Can Become…
through the Power of Your Soul!

Are you tired of searching for your true purpose?
Do you feel trapped, constrained, or unfulfilled?
Is there a voice that’s calling you to do more with your life?

Internationally renowned psychic medium John Holland says
that you can get all the answers you’re looking for–by
tapping in to one of the most powerful forces in the Universe–
your soul! And he’ll show you how in his new book, Power of
the Soul: Inside Wisdom for the Outside World.

You’ve seen the explosion in spirituality, psychic phenomena,
mediumship, metaphysics, and self-help because people like
you are seeking meaningful answers to some of life’s most
challenging questions. Let John Holland’s Power of the Soul
help you find those answers.

In addition to this enlightening work, Hay House has created
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Power of the Soul.

The amazing gifts you’ll get with this offer are from like-minded
leading visionaries and teachers who are excited to be sharing
this with you such as: Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss,
Gregg Braden, Brian Weiss, Sonia Choquette and many more.

We’re also very pleased to offer numerous prizes to show our
gratitude and support to all of you who are taking part in a
spiritual journey. For instance, the grand prize is an exclusive
trip to see over 30 Hay House authors at the I Can Do It!®
Conference in Las Vegas including 2-nights at the Venetian
Hotel! Or, you could win a 1-hour reading with medium John
Holland – plus many more exciting gifts.

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Psychic medium John Holland, who spent more than 20 years
developing his abilities, has noticed that individuals from all
walks of life are now sensing a shift deep within themselves.
He believes that somehow we’re getting a message that there
is something more. It’s as if our souls are calling and reaching
out to us.

We are all looking for meaningful answers to life altering
questions like how can I be more in tune with my soul and
tap in to my own intuition? How can I learn to change
situations around me? How can I harness the powers within
me? Step by step, Power of the Soul will guide you to your
soul’s true path to reconnect with your natural spiritual

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In Power of the Soul, John will guide you to develop a
conscious awareness of the spiritual laws that shape your
life. Are you ready to dismantle the barriers, unveil your
true inner-self, and break free from the psychological
restrictions that have prevented you from realizing your full
potential? Power of the Soul is more than just a guide . . .
it’s a way back to living from the inside out.
It will help you (no matter what your walk of life) to follow your
own spiritual journey.

When you read Power of the Soul, you’ll discover a number
of practical techniques and goal-setting exercises that will
awaken the power of your spirit and your soul . . . and lead
to a life of unlimited potential.

Within these pages, you’ll learn how to:

– Discover and access your spiritual faculties
– Open yourself to a guiding higher-consciousness
– Remove psychological and spiritual blocks
– Find your true self through the purpose, nature and
function of the soul
– Create and control your own path
– Use spiritual energy to heal yourself and others
– Enhance your body, mind, and soul to live a life of

Cut and paste this address into your Web browser and
awaken the power of your soul:


As John says, “Once your spiritual gifts are recognized,
opened, and used, you’ll see yourself and the world in a
way you never thought possible!” And you can use your
inner gifts to benefit the world around you.

Discover who you are and who you can become…through
the Power of Your Soul!

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Best regards,

Ric Thompson, co-founder Healthy Wealthy nWise

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Hay House offer, but remember it’s only for a limited time.
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  1. annette says:

    Yo Ho Ho !!! dreams are within olive us… Yes the spelling is weight off all! But you C I let it fly as is because I sea it wear it iz. x incomplete I do love the rows and love to tay shhh . uno Thanks for the en cour age ment

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