Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers

Gravitational MarketingHave you ever had one of those “Eureka Moments”? You know what I mean. One of those moments where something was said or done that just clicked and made so much sense? It can happen to you while reading a new book called Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers by Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller.

One thing that just about any entrepreneur, business owner or sales professional can agree on is that we all want/need to increase our customer base to increase our sales and income. Pretty obvious statement right? But getting there is often the challenge.

Many spend their time banging their head against the wall in an endless cycle of prospecting, cold-calling, trying to win over prospects or worse… flat out begging for business.

How much time is wasted in this process? Phone call after phone call to prospects who won’t return phone calls, who couldn’t care less about what you are selling or who demoralize you with their rejections. Or you have a great month of sales but then the next month you are right back at zero having to start from scratch all over again.

In Gravitational Marketing, Jimmy and Travis share some of the thoroughly tested and proven marketing techniques that they have used alongside some of the savviest marketers in the country. “How to” ways of creating a steady from of customers on a daily basis.

It’s not about an expensive ad campaign. Some “get rich quick” gimmick or complicated program. It’s simple. In fact, it can be the “Eureka Moment” for you. A light bulb will go off to connect the dots to an effective marketing strategies anyone can utilize.

You’ll begin to see how to better captivate new prospects with memorable presentations that will leave them begging for more; invigorate them with ingenious solutions to their problems; and motivate them to take the action you desire, while feeling that they are in complete control of the transaction.

Go to to order a copy of Gravitational Marketing right now. Shoot, order a few copies and give them to your friends, co-workers, sales teams, etc. It will change the way you think about marketing and attracting customers.

Dave Lakhani, author of The Power of an Hour says, “Consumers are fed up, and most marketing and advertising experts don’t know what to do. But Jimmy and Travis do. This book is different than anything you’ve read.”

Jerry Ross, Executive Director, Disney/SBA National Entrepreneur Center says “”A serious look at marketing that made me laugh out loud! Gravitational Marketing is something anyone can use and everyone can afford. These guys get it!”

Ted Nicholas, Author of Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets says, “Gravitational Marketing is completely different. You are offered lots of proven techniques to become more successful by two highly successful ‘street smart’ authors who walk the talk-Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller. You can immediately put these to use. I recommend you get it and devour it at once.”

The list goes on an on of those who highly endorse this book. Go to where you can read more and order a copy today.


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