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Essential Laws of Fearless LivingI wanted to let you know about a wonderful book just launched by our friend, Guy Finley, titled The Essential Laws of Fearless Living. We told our list of dedicated book buyers about this book on June 10, and the response has been absolutely tremendous!

I just heard from Tim Weichman over at Guy Finley’s non-profit Foundation that Guy’s new book is now the #1best-selling book at! You can see for yourself right there on the Amazon Bestseller List.

When we first let our list know about The Essential Laws of Fearless Living, I mentioned that if they ordered the book in the next 24 hours, they would also receive 108 bonus items from an amazing group of top experts. We’re talking full-length DVDs, CDs, eBooks, the works!

Guy has extended this offer. Don’t let this one slip by!

Do yourself a huge favor and head on over to Guy Finley’s “Essential Laws of Fearles Living” website, and take a good close look at this incredible package. You’ll be glad you did!

Yours in the quest for a fearless life,

Ric Thompson, Co-founder
Next Bestsellers &
Healthy Wealthy nWise Magazine


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