Are You Sabotaging Your Chances For Success?

It’s possible, if you don’t have a solid foundation to build on.

The quest for a better life is pretty common to us all. However, whether the dream involves material wealth, possessions, or something more intangible, it would be sadly rare to find someone that is actually putting effective actions behind their visions.

I’m sure you would agree that there are countless wealth-building and goal-achievement training opportunities available today. Many can be effective, and be a real benefit to one’s future, if approached in the right way.

The great majority of people in our world have desires that would surely make positive changes in their futures, and some may have decided that “home business” opportunities and teaching or mentoring programs could help them on their way. They may spend their hard-earned cash to order a program (or even several), and rapidly start reading, or following “recipes.” But that’s when things begin to unravel. And, it’s so easy to give up. People do it all the time. But that will never lead to anything better in life than what they have right now. There are so many that will give up in days, or even hours, because they so easily convince themselves of the futility of trying.

It’s not that the basics are so hard to understand… some have been around for centuries, and many have their roots in good, common sense.

These concepts center on such subjects as:

  1. How we process thoughts, and how, and about what, we choose to think.
  2. The passions that are a part of each of our lives.
  3. Our ability to navigate around the “potholes” in the road to success.
  4. The commitment we have in the process and the goal.
  5. Our specialized knowledge and experience.

I think you get the idea… classic wisdom that is timeless, and never changes.

Author and researcher Mark Williams, in his new book, The Prosperity Principles – Classic Wisdom for Modern Generations, has used his extensive background in discussing prosperity issues with real people, and diligent research into the answers to their questions, to create 30 building-block principles that create a foundation that will serve as a starting point for any would-be achiever to begin their journey to success.

In truth, if you learn the basics, lay the groundwork for your future with good planning and execution, commit yourself to the achievement of your goals, and persevere throughout the journey, you will likely achieve at a level beyond even your wildest imagination!

These aren’t rocket-science concepts… in fact, most are rooted in the times that span from early Biblical history to the beginning of the industrial-revolution in America. They certainly aren’t hard to understand or apply, but, sadly, most people don’t even try to learn about them.

If you have missed the benefits of the wisdom of the past: instead of running haphazardly toward your goal, then you would be well-advised to take a break, and explore the classic wisdom in detail… you will probably find that your journey to success will be much smoother, quicker and far more satisfying!

Just as our society has become one to easily throw away things, we also have followed a trend to easily abandon ideas, goals and dreams. Most people can easily convince themselves of the futility of some vision that is worthy of achievement, just because it looks too hard, or they don’t want to commit to the investment of time and effort needed to achieve the goal. Rise above the crowd – build a solid foundation for your success and you’ll find yourself much closer to realizing your goals!

Mark Williams is a philosopher, author and researcher who focuses on helping people to achieve personal success. His new book, The Prosperity Principles – Classic Wisdom for Modern Generations is available in bookstores and at, and he currently has a special introductory bonus offer available at


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